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Blurb My Agents Made Me Write

I've been writing comedy ever since Sammi Carter asked me if I was gay in seventh grade and I had to quickly come up with a joke to deflect.

I've written for Reductress, web content for NBC’s Great News, and most recently finished writing for Hulu’s Love, Victor where my co-workers described me as “talented” and “too nosy about what I’m ordering for lunch.”


I'm currently developing a show based on the YA novel Against the Stars. I would love to write your copy, for your game, or even your Youtube channel and bring what I've learned about storytelling to new mediums.

Some of My Best Headlines

I've written a lot of pieces for Reductress, a female-focused satire blog. Here are some of my top-performing headlines for them. If you're wondering, "why is a guy writing for a female satire blog?" The answer is - because I'm kind of girly! 

Take a Look at
My Work

Love, Victor - Season 2 Episode 3 "Sex Cabin"

Love, Victor - Season 3 Episode 7 "The Gay Award"

Reductress Author Page

Great News Web Content - Portia's Products

I want to tell queer stories that defy the common tropes we see all too often. Like a gay kid who comes out but kicks his parents out of the house because they don't fit into his new aesthetic. My work has been nominated for two GLAAD awards and has won Best Comedy Series at the Imagen Foundation awards.

Planet Mothball

When insecure young Kelly goes viral in a humiliating video, she ditches life on Earth to work in a nursing home on Planet Mothball - home to the galaxy's elderly population. She thinks she can escape her embarrassing past, but her new senior citizen friends teach her to embrace it instead.


When Riley realizes that all of his friends are moving on with life and getting gay married, he decides it's time to grow up and take on the world of dating.


After 30-something Richie decides to take a long walk on a short balcony, he wakes up in the last place he ever wanted to be - the afterlife. Now he has to find out the secret to "ceasing to exist" so he can finally be done with life for good.

Original Pilots

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